Can Shoulder Stand Save You Too?

January 22, 2014 | Shayna Robinson, MSPT, PhD


Body On Fire

The immune system is supposed to be our greatest defense in defending against pathogens and rebuilding damaged tissue. Without it, your cold would win and your sore back would never heal. Chronic inflammation, brought on by an immune system in overdrive, could lead to illnesses including cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Inflammation-signaling cells or C-reactive proteins (CRP), is a molecule released by the liver as part of the immune response. These levels should go back to normal levels after defending the body, but instead hang out in the blood. What keeps the battle going? Recurring irritants, such as cigarette smoke, for one. Or, as we now know, carrying too much extra weight, or simply getting older.

The efficiency with which your liver detoxes your blood and circulation are two huge contributing factors to your CRP levels.


The Heart Loves Yoga

Yoga for Atrial Fibrillation

The first ever yoga study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found yoga to be a safe, effective and relatively cheap therapy for improving the lives of heart patients.

The study conducted by The University of Kansas Hospital found that,


Hangover Help For The Athlete

CoreFit isn’t just about fitness, it’s about life. Even athletes (who are not the typical drinker) like to have fun! Here’s the survival basics for a great NYE.

  • *Asparagus- Recent studies have shown it detoxes your body quicker than most wives tale remedies. In the Journal of Food Science, Korean researchers found that extracts taken from the leaves and shoots of asparagus boosted levels of key enzymes that break down alcohol after heavy drinking.
  • *Water- An obvious choice for most party-goers. Drink one glass for every alcoholic beverage, and keep a large bottle of water next to your bed to rehydrate at night.
  • *Eggs- Follow up your night out with an omelette. Eggs are high in protein and large amounts of cysteine, a complex amino acid. It’s the substance that breaks down the hangover-causing toxin acetaldehyde in the liver’s easily depleted glutathione.
  • *Coconut Water- High in electrolytes and potassium, coconut water is a better alternative to a sports drink. Potassium is essential for maintaining proper fluid balance, nerve impulse function, muscle function and cardiac function.

Compression for Recovery and Performance

You’ve probably seen it on professional athletes–those tell-tale tights; They are actually compression garmets.

Q) What do compression garmets actually do?

A) They compress the affected area creating a higher pressure of blood flow. Blood flow is really important as an aid for recuperation, but it can also be a good tool for preventing your muscles from fatigue.

Q) When can I wear compression garmets?

A) You can wear compression garmets as a tool during competition, activity or post exercise for a quicker recovery.



Clock Work: The Perfect Fit Day

If you spend an hour a day at the gym and 23 hours dedicated to undoing all that good, you haven’t really made any leeway in the general direction of health. Consider this, the more you indulge your body in the little healthy maneuvers, the easier it will be at the gym. Check out The Perfect Fit Day and try your hand at a little clock work.

8am: Get 8 hours of sleep! Seriously. No I am not kidding. Sleep is one of the most under-utilized methods in training, mostly because you think you are some kind of robot that doesn’t need it. But guess what? Sleep is integral to reducing stress, losing weight and recuperating from the beating you gave your bod the day before.

8:30am: Have breakfast! A big one. Your diet should actually flow the opposite way you are probably used to; biggest meal is brekkie, lunch is second, dinner should be an afterthought. It preps your body for optimal calorie expenditure. Along with breakfast have a cup of coffee–the caffeine jolt amps up your metabolism.

9am: Don’t hang out by the coffee maker chatting, head over to the H20. Ideally you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water. Water flushes your system of toxins and hydrates you so you have more energy and as a bonus, you’ll feel more full.

11am: Get up and stretch for a minute. Stretching increases circulation in your body, allowing it to repair itself. Also, drink more H20!

12pm: Lunch! Make sure it’s healthy–something full of good fats (grilled salmon) and antioxidants (spinach). Your midday meal is when you should be taking in lots of leafy greens and bright colored veggies. And don’t wash it down with an alcoholic drink–opt for more H20.

3pm: More stretching and physical activity. Most people are the most productive during the stretch from lunch to 3pm, but this is prime time for your body to digest and utilize those cals. If you are on a roll with whatever you are doing, be a good example to those around you and make sure to get up every 30 minutes or so and stretch/move around a bit.

6pm: If you haven’t already worked out in the morning, this is your last opportunity to get a good 30-60min of physical activity in. I suggest working out in the morning is probably the best time to burn some energy, but anytime you can find the time to be physically active is the right way to judge what’s best for you. Try sprinting on the treadmill, pushups, crunches, planks, lunges, step ups, presses, and squats. These are all exercises that will keep your whole body injury-free.




Instead of going to Neiman’s and spending $200 on La Mer, consider eating The Perfect Fall Lunch: tandoori tomato soup with fresh cilantro. Great skin is born from the inside out. Lycopene–found in tomatoes–is 100x more potent than vitamin E at reversing cellular damage. And with all that paddle boarding, running and riding you did this summer, your skin is going to need all the help it can get.

“The Perfect Fall Lunch”

Tandoori Tomato Soup with Fresh Cilantro

Heat: 2 cups Trader Joe’s Organic Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

Add: 1 tbsp Tandoori Spice or more if you like spicy!

And…..Fresh Cilantro to taste





Challenge #18: Stretch

Sunday is a perfect day for a stretch challenge. You’ve worked hard all week–now it’s time to reap the benefits of exercise with some STRETCH recovery.

Do your light workout today–whatever that may be. Then go through this yoga stretch routine and see if it helps you refocus your mind and body (to recovery), so it’s primed and ready for Monday.


Challenge #17: Tempo Run

Want to beat the masses at your next 5k, 10k or half? If you are a competitive runner, you know you get your edge from making incremental improvements in your training. TEMPO RUNS are the solution to a lot of training plateaus because they teach the body how to efficiently metabolize oxygen.

Try this TEMPO RUN and see where you stand:

1. WARM UP for 1 MILE with a JOG pace (40-50% max speed)



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