This is My Rocky Moment:


This is my rocky moment. You know, where I’m running up the steps through the arctic tundra with my hiking boots and my scarf covering my labored breath. No sea of people cheering me on, but that’s okay because they’re here in my head. My glasses freeze up on the bridge of my nose and my fingers are tingling to the tune of it’s -3 out and I’m training for Everest on Chicago’s lakefront. Worlds apart, but somehow they translate because I’m moving my body like I’m about to fight the best fight of my life. I start counting down from 10 over and over like I’m a rocket blasting off into the final frontier over and over again. Start the engines at 3 and then just burn up. With this mindset, how can you say no. How can you be cold? How can you not reach infinity? #healthyinspiration #corefitchicago


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