The Dieters Grocery Cart

This weekend I spent most of my time eating and drinking great high calorie things. Check out the chili cheese BISON hot dog I got at Wrigley. If you know me at all, you know I do not calorie restrict on my off time. I allow myself these lesser binge moments when I need them (usually social occasions). This let’s me mentally focus on the goal ahead of me, getting back to healthy eating during the week. When you stress out your mind constantly with thoughts of maintaining a certain weight, you can imagine how your mind/body perceives weight loss–as the biggest most stressful endeavor. So stop stressing.

It’s Monday, so get to the grocery store and pick up these foods. Buy enough for the week and plan your meals accordingly. If you follow your diet (eating cleanly for a week) you will lose 3lbs. All you have to do is only eat these foods. Try to minimize condiments like dressing, salt, etc. And watch the diet drinks–they cause a spike in insulin because your body perceives them as sugar regardless if it is present.

1. Eggs

2. Avocados

3. Spinach

4. Berries

5. Sweet potatoes

6. Asparagus

7. Yogurt

8. Oatmeal

9. Lean Chicken Breast

10. Wild Caught Salmon


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